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June 8, 2011 at 9:18 am Leave a comment

I’ve recently been looking for something that will display multiple RSS feeds in a widget-style display in Moodle, but there didn’t appear to be anything like a proper plugin or anything like that. There are allsorts of gadgets and widgets around that sit on your desktop and do what I want, but not a lot of web-based applications. I guess I could get our technical developer to create one, but in the meantime, I’ve discovered a website called

This is basically a feed aggregator – something that combines many RSS feeds, and can list the latest post from a feed source or mulitple sources, and also lets you create your own dynamic widget that can be embedded into a website. The good thing about this widget is that you can specify its size, colours, font size, and even hide the “” logo (clue: choose a white background and the white logo). Ideal for dropping your feed block in to a label or webpage in Moodle! You can also choose lots of other feed collections from other users, some of which may or may not be suitable for educational purposes!

It’s definitely something that I’ll use again. It’s already in one of my college library Moodle pages. It’s a lot more stylish than using the good old Moodle RSS Feed block.

By the way, if anyone’s using, or if any of the owners are reading this – it may be something to do with my browser, but whenever I add a new feed address, I always have to refresh the page for the link to appear in my feed list…..

Next up: RSS tickertapes…..


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