Tim’s Handy Hints: Backing up Moodle Forums

February 15, 2011 at 11:30 am Leave a comment

I came across someone on a Moodle users’ forum asking for help in backing up his course forums, but it seems there isn’t a way to do this without creating code-based scripts that run in the background, and other techie stuff. Not much help if you’re not good at writing scripts or haven’t anyone in your organisation who can do it for you!

So, here are couple of things I’ve used in the past to back up Moodle user forums, and also view the content of lots of different forums without having to go into each course. Plus, there’s a program that can be used for making pdf copies of your forum posts.

1. Create new forum(s) for each course and assign your new students to different groups in a course. Then set each forum to be available only to the groups you want to have access. Keep your old forums for reference but hide them from your students, so you can archive them.


2. Activate the RSS feeds for each of your forums, then copy the feed link for each forum into a feed reader eg Google Reader. I’ve been doing that way for ages as a way of following forums on different courses, rather than having to go into every course (you can also see how may courses/tutors are using forums properly!). If you want to archive them offline, you can use something like Feed Demon (free or paid versions) or convert your feeds to pdf using something like this…

Look out for more of Tim’s e-Learning Handy Hints!


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