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June 20, 2008 at 1:49 pm Leave a comment

While I don’t get much chance to post my thoughts on what I’m up to with e-learning myself (usually due to posting on my music blog), I get regular email updates from places like SiteProNews and other web developer sites that tell me what’s going on in the world of e-learning and web 2.0. I also tend to check out a few other sites that give quite good, unbiased opinions on how to use things like social networking effectively and imaginatively not only in e-learning but also in business. There’s usually something that catches my eye that makes me think about my own practice and how I could improve what I doing, so I’ve decided to mention some of these blog posts and news items on a regular basis and hopefully spread the word about what the people are upto. I’ll add the websites to my links at the side of the page. Hopefully, the people who post the items won’t mind me quoting them and giving them a bit of a plug.

First up is an article by Lloyd Davis entitled Videoblog Masterclass – Using Video as a social technology. Lloyd describes himself as someone who “helps clients use social forms of media to make communication and collaboration easier”. I attended one of Lloyd’s seminars last year and found it both entertaining and educating. He seems to be doing something really innovative in terms of getting businesses to adapt to the social networking world. It’s something I’d definitely like to get into myself in the future. In this particular post, Lloyd talks about using video clips as a means of communicating and social networking, and the potential of things like mobile phone videos. He also discusses the cultural impact and practicality of using this sort of communication. You can read the article in full here at PerfectPath, and don’t forget to check out the rest of Lloyds other posts.

Other news…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here but I’ve sort of been promoted at work (City College Manchester – a further ed institution in the UK). I’m now 4/5ths E-Learning Developer, and 1/5th E-Resources Co-ordinator, which allows me to spend a lot of time developing and promoting use of our Moodle installation, and generally helping promote the use of e-learning within the college.


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